Covering All The Bases
by Rod Underhill - Music Director,

From the surface, Pop star John Jones appears to be a serious over-achiever. Being a well known musician, vocalist, composer, arranger, engineer and producer John seems to have all possible bases well covered.

In 1992 he produced, engineered and performed on one of the Duran Duran's finest records, the Wedding Album, which contained their hit "Ordinary World." That album helped re-establish Duran Duran for the 1990's and became their largest selling album.

In 1996 John produced and engineered the Dan Hill composition "Seduces Me" for Celine Dion's album Falling Into You. In 1997 that album won a Grammy for being named Album of the Year. John himself took home a Grammy Award for "Producer, Album of the Year", "Engineer, Album of the Year", "Album of the Year" and "Pop Album of the Year." Meanwhile, Falling Into You" has sold over 27 million copies.

So, what does a Grammy Award winning producer-engineer do after reaching such lofty heights?

He goes out and records a spectacular solo album. John's One Moment in Time is a Pop Masterwork that reflects all of his many talents. Two of the best tracks from that album, "Too Bloody Much" and "Turning Me Inside Out", can be heard for a limited time right here on

If you like Pop Music you'll love John Jones. His name might be plain but the music is spectacular.

Kitchener Waterloo Record - October 29,1998

John Jones
One Moment in Time
Canadian record producer John Jones has obviously listened to the Beatles. A lot. Not only that, but Jones honed his talents with legendary Beatles producer George Martin. Along the way he also co-wrote and produced hits with Dan Hill and Alan Frew and won a Grammy in 1997 for producing a hit with Celine Dion. Call him Canada's best-kept secret in pop music. But that all changes with this album, his stunning solo debut. Right from the opening track, Turning Me Inside Out, to the finale, Dear Mr Grim Reaper, this album bristles with melodic pop. It's irresistible.

RPM - October 19,1998

John Jones - Pop/Rock
One Moment in Time
Bayview Records - 77876 - N
If you're one to have had a jones for pop songcraft, but recoil at elements of nostalgia niche marketing, this debut solo release from public cypher but celebrated industry jack-of-all-trades may be just the CD you've sought. Grammy winning producer to Celine Dion, John Jones is also engineer,producer amd songwriter racking up such credits as Lou Reed, Fleetwood Mac, Glass Tiger, Duran Duran and especially notable is his work with the London Symphony Orchestra performing 'Yellow Submarine' under George Martin. Jones displays his mastery throughout offering a famillarity found in any number of adult pop-rock titles: a subtle catchiness, consistent strength with contemporary themes. Jones performs all tracks save for percussion which is provided by another behind the scenes master Steve Ferrone whose resume also includes Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson and Bryan Ferry. That these two have worked with such heavy hitters in the past bears witness to the potential and talent that sits within the 12 tales on One Moment in Time. As Jones brings his brand of pop to intimate acoustic dates TBA across Canada, there is little doubt that A/C radio will move swiftly on this one. - SD

The Record - September 28,1998

John Jones
One Moment in Time
Adult pop with more edge than sappiness (and Dear Mr Grim Reaper flat-out rocking) - a sound radio should appreciate. State of Mind is the first single, the title track could follow and Dan Hill has already had a top 20 hit with the co-written Wrapped. The production is strong - but what else would you expect from this L.A.-based Grammy-winning studio pro. More than just a producer's vanity project.

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