True Gravity!

The Clubhouse

G olf is a great game.
It requires a high level of mental concentration and takes precise muscle control and timing as well as physical endurance to play well.
The average golf course is a 4 mile walk and clubs weigh about 15 pounds.
The ball is 1.680 inches in diameter, weighs 1.62 ounces and the hole we're supposed to get it into is 4 1/4 inches wide. That makes the hole about one rotation of the ball which makes velocity an equal partner with direction if you want your putt's to fall.

The object of the game is to get the ball in the hole while taking the least number of swings at the ball.

It is said that during a game we bare our souls to our playing partners. The inner strength required to play resembles meditation. The way a person plays reflects their approach to life in general.
Don't fly in an airplane piloted by a guy who throws his clubs after a bad shot.
Don't hire an accountant who cheats on his score card.

Like our ancestors roamed the country side hunting and even moving south in the winter, we walk the fields carrying our clubs as if we were on an ancient hunt and go to Florida or Spain in the winter...

I started golfing in 1989. I like to think I'm pretty good at it!
I was a member of Lingfield Park Golf Club from 1990-1993.
In 1995 I broke my back in a car crash.
I'm still improving. More often than not, I shoot between the high 70's and low 80's.
I was a member of the Dell Golf Club in Hollywood and now I belong to Rancho Park in the Cheviot Hills of Los Angeles.
My Handicap is 6.

I play with Bullet .444 Invincible-II blades.
I also have a set of John Letters European PGA Tour blades.

I use a Tileist 983 Driver .
Taylor Made Steel Burner 3 wood.
Hogan Edge 2 Iron.
I use a Ping Zing putter and Titelist Pro V1 balls.

Tournament Record

Club Champion - 1999 Dell Golf Club - Roosevelt GC, Griffith Park, Ca.
Club Champion - 2003 Dell Golf Club - Roosevelt GC, Griffith Park, Ca.
1st Place - 1990 Lingfield Marathon, Texas Scramble - Lingfield Park, Surrey, UK.
1st Place - 1991 Mid Week Medal - Lingfield Park, Surrey, UK.
1st Place - 1999 Rose Woods Holiday Tournament, Low Gross (74) - Al Hambra GC, Ca.
1st Place - 2006 PJ Flanders Tournament, Scramble - Braemar CC, Ca.
2nd Place - 1998 Rose Woods Holiday Tournament - Montebello GC, Ca.
2nd Place - 2000 Rose Woods Holiday Tournament - Montebello GC, Ca.
3rd Place - 1997 Sylar Neil Memorial, Scramble - Malibu CC,Ca.
3rd Place - 1999 Mix LA Open, Sony Team, Scramble - Malibu CC,Ca.
5th Place - 2006 Home Tournament, Strokeplay - Ranch Park CC,Ca.

My favourite courses in the USA are Riviera and PGA West.
In Canada it's Summit
In the UK it'sEast Sussex National and Wentworth West Course.
In France; Royal Mougin
In Spain; Rio Real.