February 4, 2008

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My Times

I can't believe I went right through 2007 without writing a johnjones.com news page.

2007 started with me acquiring new portable recording equipment.

A new Apple Macbook and a Digidesgn MBOX2 allowed me to work "on the road". Freedom at last!

It really has been a fantastic year, but not without regrets.
I lost friends and gained new one's of great import.
I've begun to feel the melancholy for the sweetest of times gone past.
I'm greatful for the blessing's of my family and friends.
I'm hopeful for our world to get smart enough to save itself.
My energy is still 100 percent.
Love and Peace are still a dream!

After a killer weekend in San Francisco at the annual USGA meeting representing Rancho Park Golf Club, it was off to Dallas to scout around the scene of the crime that spoiled my little brother's birthday 44 years ago while mixing tracks for Meninos Do Morumbi in my hotel room.

The Meninos project was the brainstorm of uber musician/philosopher Richard Martinez and led us both to Sao Paulo later in the summer.

Recording sessions at Drumroll continued with yours truly engineering for partners Steve Ferrone and Steve Postell with good helpings of producing and writing.

The Ferrone band Farm Fur's mostly live album was finally released in 2007 and Postell's album is due out in early 2008.
Check em both out.

Other sessions for Terri Lynne Carrington at Chateau Bur Bank were early year highlights.

By April I was spending less time at Drumroll and more time on the road and working from home.
By the autumn Steve Ferrone, anticipating a downturn in the real estate market, decided to sell his building and so by November the two Steve's and I had moved out our gear and bid fairwell to Burbank Boulevard.

Our great friends Sabian managed to secure the building next door for their new office so a big part of our little family is still hangin out together.

Now Steve Ferrone is busy with Tom Petty and Steve Postell is raring to get on the road to promote his new album.

We finally finished our Mantra project. Davinci released A Gift The Record late in the year.

2007 saw the start of the JJ Song Salon, a Monday night music show featuring many friends, old and new.

Carrying on from 2006, I began to take my historical research of Southern California more seriously. Many hours were spent in libraries and other archives that should eventually become a book or three...

My 914 was dismantled and rebuilt into a new chassis.

The past few months I have finally been able to work somewhat full time with Jayson Haws. I believe in music again!

Too much has happened to get into all of it but here are some photo's from 2007:

Awake Community Foundation

"Faith is believing something you know ain't true."
(Mark Twain - Following the Equator / 1897)


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