October 25,1999

Richard Martinez, John Jones and Sean Halley at the Troubador.

My Times

This weeks Song of the Week is Break Our Bread.
It's another little ditty from the early 90's that slipped into the abyss of lost ideas. This one seems to be an exercise in Rock 'n Roll Disco.
I really like the barking on the fade out...

The Club MP3 show last Sunday at the Troubador in Los Angeles was a blast. Sean Halley and Richard Martinez joined me for our opening act slot. It was so great to hear such excellent music from every band on the stage.

The show was video taped and recorded for later broadcast on MP3.com. I'll let you know when it's on the internet...
Here are some pictures of the show. The photos are delivered in a very cool way by Zing. You can use the site to keep your own photo albums...
I should also mention that a CD with a song from each band, including me, is available here.

The Lost Tapes of Mick Fleetwood.
I'm still working on the Ghana tapes from 1983 that were recorded during the Visitor sessions.
At the moment I'm mixing a concert that was filmed and recorded at the Star Hotel and sponsored by the Ghana Musicians Union and Arts Council and features many local groups as well as Mick and his band.

Another very talented musician, programmer and producer who worked with Duran Duran in the 90's is Anthony Resta. Check out his music and words at his web site.
Anthony J Resta

The Hutchence family have started a memorial web site dedicated to Michael Hutchence

As we near the end of the 20th Century, it's becoming clear that the number one achievement of the past 100 years is obsolescence.
Along with "change of course" and "we're all getting richer", everything we buy is out of date before we leave the store! If it weren't for preservatives, the same would be true of the food we eat.
If we don't have economic growth then everyone would go out of business. And if we bought things that were meant to last there would be no economic growth.

If you're thinking of buying a new computer then you better check out the Obsolete Computer Museum...

You have probably heard that Ferrari have managed to explain away their little problem with the barge boards on their Formula One cars. They were excluded from the last race for being 10mm over the allowed limit on a part they claim has no effect on their performance. Somehow they have convinced the FIA that it was measured poorly by the most sophisticated Laser measuring system known to man, and been allowed to keep the points they may or may not have won fairly at Sepang.
It's going to be interesting seeing the new parts on all the cars at the last race of the year at Suzuka this week. With a new "Ferrari" way to interpret the rules, the other teams should be able to come up with some go faster bits to test out the new rules!

" The fact of the matter is that we are oversold on virtually all our guns. They are very much in demand. So I hardly think that is exiting the handgun business." ."
Colt Executive, quoted in LA Times - Colt Says No, It Won't Stop Handgun Sales.

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