jj song salon flyer’s by jimmy

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Christoph Bull (piano, vox), John Jones (guitar, vox), Richard Martinez (drums), Benedikt Brydern (violin), Davinci (percussion)…

One More Time Around the Sun for Richard and John

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What a smooth planet we live on!

Here are some photos from this past Monday’s JJ and Richard Birthday Show for the jjsongsalon.

The Linda Kay band, Mad Johnny, Steven Swimmer and Jimmy Leigh, Zoe Scott, Kim Crain, Zoe Scott band, Isaac, Mikal Reid, Victoria Scott, Vinnie, and the birthday boys John Jones and Richard Martinez.

Miriam’s Well

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Check out Miriam’s Well.

Miriam's Well with Steve Postell at JJSONGSALON at Life on Wilshire

JJ Song Salon, Monday Night, Los Angeles

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jjsongsalon – another Monday in Paradise

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Great Monday we had with new act Foxxglove, and now renamed old friends, Toy Bombs, who brought along our favourite Eyes Lips Eyes.

Foxxglove at Life for the jjsongsalon

Larry Cox and Richard Martinez at the bar enjoying jjsongsalon at Life

Variety article about JJ Song Salon

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A nice mention of JJ Song Salon in Variety magazine today.


jj song salon March 1 – St David’s Day

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Although I am a failure as a Welshman, I still hope to celebrate St. David’s Day in Wales some day.

jj song salon #107

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Monday February 22, jj song salon

jj song salon rolls along

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The jj song salon on Monday night’s at Life on Wilshire update:

Feb 1 – 15 year old Mark Otero from Florida; Christopher HarfordMiriam’s Well from Oregon who played with Steve Postell; Luis Narino’s full band with horns, Noble Creatures.

Feb 8 – Renfey; Mad Johnny Modell; Elizaveta; the Cherry Bluestorms.

This week the iF band were beginning to look like their old selves again with the return of Benedikt Brydern & Christoph Bull, along with iF regulars Kim Crain, Davinci and Richard Martinez.

JJ Song Salon #103

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It was Mad Johnny Modell’s 50th Birthday and we had a party at Life!

Maksim, Hope Easton and Richard

Sharon Bautista and Ed K

Jonathon Hernandez and Nathan

Steve Postell

Steve Cooke

The Tuning Song

Mad Johnny Modell

Your Birthday Johnny

JJ, Phillip Jarrell (guitars) and Steve

JJ and Wally Ingram

Next JJ Song Salon Show at Life on Wilshire

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