Surfing Tools

Here are some Links to software and other information in order for you to enjoy the full impact of the World Wide Web.

One of the very best places to keep up to date with all the latest developments is BrowserWatch.
The site has daily updates on the latest Browsers and Plug-Ins, as well as software usage statistics .
[Netscape 3.0 icon] has a library of information under their Help menu.
Obviously, if you're using one of their browsers you'd know all about it!
The same LINK's can be found at their site if you don't.

[Internet Explorer icon] is another popular browser.

[Plug-In Plaza icon]Plug-Ins are programs that can run inside your browser. That sounds rude!
They allow other software writers to be a part of the Web experience with out having to program a browser. Usually you download them for free.
They are mostly small programs that let you listen to the radio or be part of an interactive experience!

[Quicktime icon]Apple have a plug-in for everyone at their Quicktime site.
It allows you to see movies and more, without using a helper program.
Moviestar is a more turbo-charged Quicktime plug-in.
InterVU have a plugin for viewing video.

[Shockwave icon]Over at the Music pages you'll need this plugin to hear the songs and see some very primative animation!

The Palace is an enjoyable way to communicate with other surfers.
This program runs at the same time as your browser and allows you to Chat with other travellers. We will soon have our own Palace server up and running for fireside chats.

I hope this helps get you going!