Hold On

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What a great performance by Alan Frew and band of Hold on!
From 1995, before the album was released!

All the Young Dudes

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Yes. Stage right, I was.

Dwyer & Jones track

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My buddy and groove-mate, Mark Dwyer, led the production of my song, Never Let Us Go, which was recorded in Hammerwood:

Never Let Us Go – John Jones – Songs of 1992

We Can Be Heroes – Bowie, Ronson & Queen

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I was there, standing stage right. I spent most of the day with Mick Ronson. Later, I played the organ (B3) with Queen and Liza Minnelli. Now I shiver!

The Hollywood Sign – Live at the Troubador

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Sean Halley, Richard Martinez, John Jones.

Another Trip Around the Sun – 2016 Article Index

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Here is a list of all the my news articles from 2016:

• Happy 90th Birthday Sir George Martin!
Heredity – Rational Youth album – Spotify
Jones soft rock songs from black n white album – Spotify
Jones Assorted Rock Songs – Spotify
Under Milk Wood, 1988, Sir George Martin production at AIR Studios
Etat D’Esprit – John Jacques Jones – State of Mind with French lyrics
• MTV Un-plugged with Duran Duran – JJ on piano and vocals
• Ong So Hung – Davinci & Jones – yoga mantra song
Remembering Tohuku 3.11 – Fukushima Nuclear Distaster
Sir George Martin, 1926-2016
It Was A Very Good Year – Frank Sinatra & Gordon Jenkins in the studio
Songs from 1993, Vol. 1 –  John Jones solo album of demos
Songs of 1993, Vol. 2 – John Jones solo album of demos
• Making Music, Sir George Martin – JJ chapter on MIDI
Billie Rainbird and Simon Phillips – Songwriting
Steve Orchard in the hood – AIR Studios in Hollywood!
Nick Wood at Skip Saylor Studio – Mixing
Time of the Season – The Zombies
Warren Cuccurullo and Nick Wood in the studio!
Is there a human right to sustenance? Dr. Charles Jones speaks
• Here Comes The Sun – George Harrison
the rose vortex sessions – Warren Cuccurullo
Songs of 1992, Vol. 1 – John Jones solo album of demos
• Don’t Give Up! – Alex Ligertwood and Emily Richards for Music is Hope!
Stairway to Taurus – Led Zeppelin versus Spirit
Ken Basman, 1958-2016
• Meninos Do Morumbi & Friends for the Grammy’s
What Happened to Do Unto Others? – Cry – Godley and Cream
Birdland Basman – Songs I played with Ken Basman
New Album from Warren Cuccurullo – Rose Vortex
• Liberty – Duran Duran – 26th Anniversary
• My Antarctica (Duran Duran – Liberty)
My Jumping Jack in the Box (the movie) – music by Nick Rhodes & John Jones
Lay Lady Lay (Duran Duran) – One of my favourite productions
Ocean Way Focusrite and Rupert Neve – A little Neve history
• Lost Again – U.K. Release – Terry McDermott
Dear John (Lennon) – John Jones song to John Lennon
 Songs of 1992, vol. 2 – John Jones solo album of demos
Lost Again – #4 on U.K. chart! – Terry McDermott!
To Sir Dee Long – Happy Birthday!
• Sir George Martin APRS Luncheon in London
Duran Duran Get ASCAP Award
Pertinent Songs: Phoo and Getting Out – John Jones demos
Awesome Rocker – F’ing Awesome band version – john jones demo – Wind Vanes

• Greg Lake, 1947-2016
Bill Price, 1943-2016 – AIR Studios
Merry Happy Christmas from JJ Song Salon
Terry McDermott – Lost Again lyric video by Don Richner
Songs of 1992, Vol. 2 – John Jones solo album of demos
John F. Kennedy Assassination in Dallas film – JJ Travels
I Guess I’ll Have to do it while I’m here – Phils Ochs song
In My Heart George Michael inspired – John Jones song
2016 Index

I Guess I’ll Have to do it while I’m here

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Phil Ochs says it all.

John F. Kennedy Assassination in Dallas

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A little slide show, of my trip to Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, where President john F. Kennedy was assassinated, in November of 1963. I have always been deeply moved by the tragedy, and even more, by visiting the scene of the crime.

The music is mine, an instrumental version of Inside, from the black n white album…

Bill Price – AIR Studios

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The great English recording engineer and producer, Bill Price, has passed away, after a long illness.

Bill Price

Bill Price

Bill was AIR Studio, Oxford Street’s, chief engineer, from their opening in 1970, until he took over at Wessex Studio, in 1976. He began his career at Decca in the mid 1960’s. Bill, recorded, mixed, and or produced, many of my favorite recordings, including  Without You, by Harry Nilsson, London’s Calling, by The Clash, and the AIR recorded Live and Let Die, by Paul McCartney.

As a staff engineer at Decca’s West Hampstead studios in the mid-’60s, Price recorded a string of worldwide hits for Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck, and has been consistently associated with quality recordings and commercial success ever since. Tapped by George Martin and his partners for the position of chief engineer at the new AIR Studios facility in London’s West End, Price went on to revive Wessex Studios in the mid-’70s and recorded several of the most influential records of the decade, including albums by the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Pretenders. In the ’80s, Price worked with Pete Townshend, Elton John, the Jesus and Mary Chain and Big Audio Dynamite, among others, and the ’90s found him producing The Waterboys and mixing for the Stone Roses, The Cult, Robert Plant and Guns N’ Roses.mix online interview from 2000

Bill also worked on David Bowie’s first album, Nilsson Schmilsson, Badfinger, Wings, Average White Band, Climax Blues Band, Mott the Hoople, Sex Pistols, Elton John, Pretenders, The Cult, Guns n Roses, Big Audio Dynamite, The Stone Roses, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, and many more!

1970's AIR Studios advert

1970’s AIR Studios advert with Bill Price up front

I met Bill in the mid 80’s, at AIR Studios, where he was often working, in studio 1, with Chris Thomas. Bill recorded drums, in studio 1, for the AKAI AIR Sessions, that Dee Long and I, produced in 1987, for the S1000 sampler.

Part 1 of the BILL PRICE Interview from mixonline

Part 2 of the BILL PRICE interview from mixonline


Greg Lake, 1947-2016

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One of the first really great albums of all time, for me, is In The Court Of The Crimson King, by King Crimson, from 1969.

Everything, from the cover artwork, to the quality of the songwriting, the playing, and the sound, were all outstanding! No other group of musicians or recordings inspired me more.

Greg Lake, Robert Fripp, Ian McDonald, Michael Giles, and lyricist Pete Sinfield, were King Crimson.

Greg was a killer bass and guitar player, and a real John Lennon singer!

Here are King Crimson, performing their first big gig in Hyde Park, London, July 1969! What a band! (You will have to forgive some of the mixing, as well as the monitor mix the singers were hearing, especially In the Court of the Crimson King!)