Fleetwood Mac – “Person of the Year” – Time

January 29th, 2018 § Comments Off on Fleetwood Mac – “Person of the Year” – Time § permalink

Fleetwood Mac became the first group to be MusicCares “person of the year” for 2018. Congratulations! The band performed at Radio City Music Hall last Friday night in New York. I was fortunate to have worked with Fleetwood Mac in 1995 on their album Time, with Mick Fleetwood, John and Christine McVie, Dave Mason, Billy […]

Fleetwood Mac at the old Potrero Country Club

May 3rd, 2015 § Comments Off on Fleetwood Mac at the old Potrero Country Club § permalink

Sadly, the golf course and country club have been gone since the new Forum replaced it in the 1960’s! Despite disappearing for a few years, the newly remodeled Forum is back with a vengeance, and is undoubtedly the best indoor stadium venue for a rock concert in the Greater Los Angles area! And Fleetwood Mac gave […]

New EP from Fleetwood Mac

May 8th, 2013 § Comments Off on New EP from Fleetwood Mac § permalink

While on their monumental road trip, Fleetwood Mac have released an EP of new songs called Extended Play.  

Fleetwood Mac rise again!

March 28th, 2013 § Comments Off on Fleetwood Mac rise again! § permalink

I visited the Fleetwood Mac rehearsal in Los Angeles today, and what a fantastic band did I see! Awesome! If you are wondering who to spend your money on this year on the concert circuit, don’t miss Fleetwood Mac! And, after many years apart, the old Hollywood-Dell mates reunited for a photograph. And here they […]

Fleetwood and Jones at NAMM 2000

June 14th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

I recently dug my HHB CDR 850 out of storage and started using it again in my studio. It’s a stand alone CD recorder and burner that still works perfectly after all these years. It has a really clean sound that I still like a lot. HHB also made the awesome Circle 5 speaker’s that […]

DEAR JOHN by John Jones

September 21st, 2017 § Comments Off on DEAR JOHN by John Jones § permalink

John Jones and Mick Fleetwood. Circa 1999. I didn’t make the video. Bless who ever did! I had a moment, where I was totally shocked, that it had been almost 20 years since John Lennon had passed. So, I wrote and recorded this song. Breakfast With the Beatles?

Alanis Morissette Lived Here!

January 7th, 2017 § Comments Off on Alanis Morissette Lived Here! § permalink

Yes, she did. It was my home, and the Treehouse studio. And just before her summer of 1994, we recorded Alan Frew’s, Hold on, and then after she left, we were doing this: Alan Frew Band (John Jones, Anthony Vanderburgh, Chris Garcia, Richard Martinez) in rehearsal for House of Blues with Fleetwood Mac in January […]

Wrapped Around Your Finger – Dan Hill

January 7th, 2017 § Comments Off on Wrapped Around Your Finger – Dan Hill § permalink

This was Mick Fleetwood’s favourite song, of mine! While we were producing Dan Hill’s, Seduces Me, for Celine Dion, at the end of 1995, we recorded my song, Wrapped Around Your Finger, for Dan’s solo album; I’m Doing Fine. We recorded the basics for the song, at my Treehouse studio, in the Dell, Hollywood. I […]

Dear John (Lennon)

October 10th, 2016 § Comments Off on Dear John (Lennon) § permalink

Thinking of John Lennon today. Here is a song/letter I wrote to John in 1999, with drums by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. Video by “unknown person”. ©1999-2016 J.Jones

Ocean Way Focusrite and Rupert Neve

September 24th, 2016 § Comments Off on Ocean Way Focusrite and Rupert Neve § permalink

Dee Long and I began building the new Fairlight/Midi room at AIR Studios in 1985, with Malcolm Atkin, Dave Harries, John Goldstraw and Henk. The technical department were soon busy with Rupert Neve, adding 16 channel’s of his Focusrite 101 strips to the Neve A8971 custom console that he had made in 1981 for Studio […]

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