The Hollywood Sign

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The news about putting another sign on Mount Lee, on the Valley side, made me think of my song from my 1994 album, One Moment in Time – The Hollywood Sign.

Written, performed and recorded by John Jones ©1995.

And then there is this live version from the MP3 show at the Troubador…

Richard Martinez, Sean Halley and John Jones performing The Hollywood Sign at the Troubador, West Hollywood, 1999.

State of Mind – John Jones

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The State of Mind video was filmed in Toronto in June, 1997, and produced by my brother, the late Philip “Pip” Mellows, and his Players Film Company.
Neil Grieve did the final editing in Culver City.

I was filmed on the roof of the old Edge Hotel, playing a guitar I rented from Long & McQuade. The video was shot at various sites around downtown Toronto. During the editing, Neil added some snaps of Beverly Hills.

I wrote State of Mind in August 1992, during the destruction of Iraq. How can anybody live life in a war zone?

The demo was recorded in England in 1992, and in 1996 we overdubbed Richard, and Steve (recorded by Stuart), Michael (at his studio), and then Stuart mixed it at Music Grinder in Hollywood.

State of Mind, written by John Jones.
guitars keys and vocals by John Jones
drums by Steve Ferrone
percussion by Richard Martinez
slide guitar by Michael Thompson
Engineered and Mixed by Stuart Breed and John Jones.
Recorded in Hollywood California, at the treehouse in the Dell, and at the Record Plant. Mixed at the Music Grinder, Hollywood. Mastering by Stephen Marcussen

What Happened to Do Unto Others?

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You Make Me Want To Cry – (Godley & Creme)

Really low volume – careful! Followed by some awesome 80’s songs!

Meninos Do Morumbi & Friends for the Grammy’s!

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The Meninos Do Morumbi album is the best album I have ever produced, and one that I am immensely proud of on all levels. The contributions of my music friends to help make this a real work of art can not be overstated!

Richard Martinez, and our benefactor John Tu, who together created the Music is Hope Foundation, with the specific goal of benefitting Meninos Do Morumbi’s dream to become self sufficient, have contributed beyond reproach.

Sometimes timing doesn’t work out. Anyone who has been in the music business for any amount of time will attest to that statement! Our plan was to make great music, and encourage all organizations to visit the school in Brazil, and hire the kids to perform and spread the good cheer of Brazilian music and friendship.

Last year (2015), we tried to enter the Meninos & Friends album in the Grammy’s. For some reason, unbeknowst to us, the Grammy people called us at the last moment, and said we should wait a year, and do it properly! Wow! What can I say? I thought we had enough celebrity and reality to deserve a chance in the contest.

So, here we are. One year later. One year wiser. One or two pounds heavier! Will you please have a listen to this awesome album and do everything you can do to help us get noticed this year?


Meninos Do Morumbi & Friends - Released September 30, 2015

Meninos Do Morumbi & Friends – Released September 30, 2015



Don’t Give Up!

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Meninos Do Morumbi & Friends - Released September 30, 2015

                Meninos Do Morumbi & Friends


A year ago today we were finishing off the lovely Peter Gabriel song, Don’t Give Up, featuring Alex Ligertwood and Emily Richards, for the Meninos do Morumbi & Friends album, that also features, Julian Lennon, Richie Kotzen, Alan Frew, Gary O, Terry McDermott, Gary Twinn, Gene Anderson, Barnett O’Hara, and yours truly.

It’s not too late to Buy the CD or Download the Album, and help support Meninos do Morumbi through the Music is Hope Foundation!

Remembering Tohuku 3.11

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Five years after the Tohoku Earthquake tragedy in Japan, “the fourth largest earthquake in history”. Our thoughts are still with the victims, who are still facing the gigantic task of rebuilding their homes.

The situation in and around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is as critical as it was in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. Aerial photos show that very little has changed in four years. Long term solutions for the future are still being formulated.

HOPE(HD/字幕) – Nick Wood feat. Julian Lennon, Tetsuya Komuro, and BEYOND Tomorrow Students from SynTokyo on Vimeo.

Along with John JonesMichael Thompson and Randy Cooke. Produced by Nick Wood & John Jones.

This inspiring song is dedicated to supporting the ongoing recovery of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

iTunes Canada – iTunes Japan – iTunes USA – iTunes UK

All proceeds from the sale of the song and video will be donated to Beyond Tomorrow –

Dear John (Lennon)

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One day, in 1999…

Written, Performed, Recorded & Produced by John Jones ©1999 john jones music
Drums by Mick Fleetwood

Meninos & Friends Mixing

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Another song has been mixed by Skip Saylor and Ian Blanch for the Meninos & Friends project.

The latest song features Gene Anderson on vocals and Fred Mandel on lead guitar and piano.

Skip Saylor, Ian Blanch and John Jones in Skip's studio for Music is Hope Foundation.


Order in the Skating Vicar!

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And I thought it was a recurring nightmare I was having!

Emily & Meninos do Morumbi!

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The beautiful voice of Emily Richards has been added to the Meninos do Morumbi & Friends album!

Emily is a piano playing singer songwriter who was the first artist to have 1 million downloads on back in the 1990s! I produced it!

Emily as art, by j. jones

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