Bill Price – AIR Studios

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The great English recording engineer and producer, Bill Price, has passed away, after a long illness.

Bill Price

Bill Price

Bill was AIR Studio, Oxford Street’s, chief engineer, from their opening in 1970, until he took over at Wessex Studio, in 1976. He began his career at Decca in the mid 1960’s. Bill, recorded, mixed, and or produced, many of my favorite recordings, including  Without You, by Harry Nilsson, London’s Calling, by The Clash, and the AIR recorded Live and Let Die, by Paul McCartney.

As a staff engineer at Decca’s West Hampstead studios in the mid-’60s, Price recorded a string of worldwide hits for Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck, and has been consistently associated with quality recordings and commercial success ever since. Tapped by George Martin and his partners for the position of chief engineer at the new AIR Studios facility in London’s West End, Price went on to revive Wessex Studios in the mid-’70s and recorded several of the most influential records of the decade, including albums by the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Pretenders. In the ’80s, Price worked with Pete Townshend, Elton John, the Jesus and Mary Chain and Big Audio Dynamite, among others, and the ’90s found him producing The Waterboys and mixing for the Stone Roses, The Cult, Robert Plant and Guns N’ Roses.mix online interview from 2000

Bill also worked on David Bowie’s first album, Nilsson Schmilsson, Badfinger, Wings, Average White Band, Climax Blues Band, Mott the Hoople, Sex Pistols, Elton John, Pretenders, The Cult, Guns n Roses, Big Audio Dynamite, The Stone Roses, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, and many more!

1970's AIR Studios advert

1970’s AIR Studios advert with Bill Price up front

I met Bill in the mid 80’s, at AIR Studios, where he was often working, in studio 1, with Chris Thomas. Bill recorded drums, in studio 1, for the AKAI AIR Sessions, that Dee Long and I, produced in 1987, for the S1000 sampler.

Part 1 of the BILL PRICE Interview from mixonline

Part 2 of the BILL PRICE interview from mixonline


Duran Duran Get ASCAP Award!

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This week in London, Duran Duran were awarded the prestigious Golden Note by ASCAP.

Sir George Martin APRS Luncheon

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I had an emotional, amazing, and fantastic, week in London, for the Sir George Martin APRS luncheon in Kensington. Faces from the past were in full attendance! It was a beautiful lunch, hosted by Paul Gambaccini, that was followed by a warm evening, across the street, at the Prince of Wales pub, and finally at a late night restaurant with many 214 Oxford street AIR Studios friends in attendance. Yes Dave Harries, Malcolm and I had the traditional AIR Studios “American” margarita’s in your honour!

APRS celebrates the life of Sir George Martin











To Sir Dee Long

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Dee Long at AIR Studios 1987 (©johnjonesmusic)

Dee Long at AIR Studios 1987 (©johnjonesmusic)

On the occasion of the celebration of the birthday of my long time friend and partner; a toast to Dee’s compassion, empathy, and genius!

Happy Birthday Sir Dee Long!

Dee Long and John Jones in Hammerwood 1989.

Dee Long and John Jones in Hammerwood 1989.


Lost Again – #4 on U.K. chart!

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October 16, 2016

The Terry McDermott single LOST AGAIN – is now #4 on the amazing tunes Top 40 chart
It debuted at #37, went to #15, and in its third week to #4!

Please keep supporting the song by PLAYING IT HERE!

Written By: T. McDermott, J. Jones, I. Styles
Produced by John Jones

Songs of 1992, vol. 2

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The fourth release in the series of Songs by John Jones is:
Songs of 1992, vol. 2 – Written and recorded in chronological order by me and my machines in 1992 at my home studio in Hammerwood, East Sussex.
One exception is Never Let Us Go, with special guest producer and vocalist Mark (DJ) Dwyer.

The album cover artwork is my own photograph of the Tour Eiffel, where I spent many autumn and winter days, walking and thinking through Le Marais, Palais du Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries, Place de la Concorde,  Invalides, Marionnettes du Champ de Mars, and the Tour Eiffell, on my way from Bastille to Jardins du Trocadéro.

Songs from 1992, vol. 2, is available on CDBaby

Lost Again – U.K. Release

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October 7, 2016

The Terry McDermott single LOST AGAIN – U.K. Release!
It debuted at #37 on this weeks amazing tunes Top 40 chart
Not a bad start! Please support the song by PLAYING IT HERE!

Written By: T. McDermott, J. Jones, I. Styles
Produced and Mixed by John Jones
Terry McDermott – vocals
Island Styles – bass, guitar
B.J. Kerwin – drums
Simrin Phull – guitar
Peter Klett – solo guitar
John (JJ) Jones – keys, guitar
Recorded by J. Jones, R. Nelson, I. Styles, B.J. Kerwin, P. Klett
Mastering: Bruce Barielle
Lost Again ©2016 McDermott-Jones


My Antarctica (Duran Duran)

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It wasn’t only the Wedding Album…

My Antarctica was on the Liberty album, which is where I got to really dig in and make music 24/7!

The main piano part was created by Spike Edney, Nick Rhodes, and yours truly.

What a beautiful song Simon!


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Apparently, it has been 26 years since Duran Duran’s Liberty album was released. (I was the 7th wheel!?)

This was an amazing experience to be working everyday for months with these guys, and then with engineer Chris Potter and producer Chris Kimsey at Olympic Studios!

Simon Looks Back

And a nice interview with the younger lads!

New Album from Warren Cuccurullo

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Warren just released a great new album!

Free Express-O Machine

The Rose Vortex is:
Warren Cuccurullo – guitars, vocals, piano, percussion
Azar Lawrence – tenor & soprano sax
Tommy Mars – electric piano, organ, synth
Alex Alessandroni – piano, synth
Doug Lunn – bass
Joe Travers – drums
Munyungo Jackson – percussion
Michael Hunter – trumpet
Rachel Sierra – vocals
Mayuto Correa – percussion

and Savanah Blessing Mandel, Brigitte & Racine – vocals (‘Don’t Blame It On Me’)