State of Mind

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I wrote State of Mind in August 1992, during the lull between the destruction of Iraq. How can anybody live life in a war zone?

The video was filmed and produced in Toronto by Philip Mellows and the Players Film Company, in 1999.
Neil Grieve finished the editing in Los Angeles.
I was filmed on the roof of the old Edge Hotel, and at various sites around downtown Toronto.

State of Mind, written by John Jones.
guitars keys and vocals by John Jones
drums by Steve Ferrone
percussion by Richard Martinez
slide guitar by Michael Thompson
Engineered and Mixed by Stuart Breed and John Jones.
Recorded in Hollywood California, at the treehouse in the Dell, and at the Record Plant. Mixed at the Music Grinder, Hollywood. Mastering by Stephen Marcussen

Recording in another Language

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Well, we’ve both been scolded for our “foreign language” versions of these two tracks.

Ring of Fire in Spanish by Johnny Cash

State of Mind (with new lyrics by I.&.R. Bastien) in French by john jones

Here is a nice article on other musicians who have crossed the divide – From David Bowie To Charli XCX, 10 Artists Who’ve Recorded Songs In Another Language

Be True To Yourself

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In this time of uncertainty, Be true To Yourself!

Dwyer & Jones track

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My buddy and groove-mate, Mark Dwyer, led the production of my song, Never Let Us Go, which was recorded in Hammerwood:

Never Let Us Go – John Jones – Songs of 1992

What Happened to Do Unto Others?

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You Make Me Want To Cry – (Godley & Creme)

Really low volume – careful! Followed by some awesome 80’s songs!

Is there a human right to sustenance?

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Charles Jones (University of Western Ontario)

My brother Charles Jones, putting planet Earth in perspective.