2018 NAMM show

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Disneyland in 1956

The NAMM show starts today at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California.

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is a non-profit that was founded in 1901.

Anaheim was founded in 1857 by German immigrants as the Anaheim Colony. The heim (home) by the Santa Ana river. By 1870 the area had “scores of vineyards” and 47 wineries. A grape disease in the 1880s forced farmers to switch to orange growing, which lasted until the mid 1950s. Which is also when Disneyland opened.

Ninety years ago, in 1928, Disney released its first major film with fully synchronized sound; Steamboat Willie. Look how far we have come?

1928 Steamboat Willie on YouTube

The Hollywood Sign

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The news about putting another sign on Mount Lee, on the Valley side, made me think of my song from my 1994 album, One Moment in Time – The Hollywood Sign.

Written, performed and recorded by John Jones ©1995.

And then there is this live version from the MP3 show at the Troubador…

Richard Martinez, Sean Halley and John Jones performing The Hollywood Sign at the Troubador, West Hollywood, 1999.

Billie & Simon

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Hardly a moment goes by without me thinking about Billie Rainbird and Simon Phillips, and what they going through, after losing their home and recording studio to the Thomas Fire in Ojai, earlier this month.

I don’t think I have ever met two more beautiful people than Billie and Simon. There is a lot of love in these two!

Help them by visiting their gofundme Life Rebuilding Fund page for more information.

Billie Rainbird & Simon Phillips in 2016

Billie Rainbird & Simon Phillips in 2016

Coconut (1971)

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Harry Nilsson! My understanding of calling the “doctor in the morning,” would change forever!

Wrapped Around Your Finger – Dan Hill

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This was Mick Fleetwood’s favourite song, of mine!

While we were producing Dan Hill’s, Seduces Me, for Celine Dion, at the end of 1995, we recorded my song, Wrapped Around Your Finger, for Dan’s solo album; I’m Doing Fine.

We recorded the basics for the song, at my Treehouse studio, in the Dell, Hollywood. I played the keys, acoustic guitar, and bass, then we overdubbed Steve Ferrone’s drums at Record Plant with Steve Churchyard, and Michael Thompson’s guitars, at his Cocoa Butt Studio, in the Baldwin Hills.

Wrapped was top 10 on radio, before it, and the album, were pulled from distribution, after 8 weeks! Oh well…

New Album from Warren Cuccurullo

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Warren just released a great new album!

Free Express-O Machine

The Rose Vortex is:
Warren Cuccurullo – guitars, vocals, piano, percussion
Azar Lawrence – tenor & soprano sax
Tommy Mars – electric piano, organ, synth
Alex Alessandroni – piano, synth
Doug Lunn – bass
Joe Travers – drums
Munyungo Jackson – percussion
Michael Hunter – trumpet
Rachel Sierra – vocals
Mayuto Correa – percussion

and Savanah Blessing Mandel, Brigitte & Racine – vocals (‘Don’t Blame It On Me’)


Bar Marmonte with Sally & Kim

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John Jones
with Sally Boyden and Kim Crain – Happy Birthday Girls!

Odd Encounters

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Jones and gang at the opening of the Cinemark in Playa Vista in March.

Floating on an Ocean with Robert Sarzo!

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Happy Birthday U.S.A.! The Fourth of July was a blast!

Last year at this time I was in the Hampton’s recovering from a mild concussion, recieved during a tennis lesson on a clay court. I tripped running backwards! Ouch!

This year we were invited to our local and very historic marina to hang with the Sarzo’s on their yacht. Robert plays guitar in Hurricane and in Queensryche!

We went for an inflatable dinghy ride in the main channel of the harbour. I tweeted this photo of me and Robert at sea!

Along with friends “magic bus” Alex, on keys and loops, and fellow sailor Robert, on snare and cymbal, the three of them serenaded the entire marina, throughout one of the biggest fireworks displays on the west coast of the United States, and well on into the night, all performed on the upper deck of the Sarzo yacht.

Band on the helm!

Celebration of Syn USA Opening at Troika Los Angeles

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What a grand way to say hello to the community! Bravo Syn!

Nick and Norico Wood led the celebration at Troika on La Brea avenue in Los Angeles, California.

And who in their right mind wouldn't enjoy an open barrel of Saki from Japan?


John Jones and Sean Halley under the red light!

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