Still wanting a Morgan ThreeWheeler

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Who needs four wheels, when you can have three!


And another one from Silverstone 1991

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Some people are very relaxed on the grid with a drink in their hand!

On the Grid for the 1991 Silverstone GP with Piquet & Jones

1991 Silverstone Grand Prix

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Watching the Grand Prix this morning made me homesick!

This photograph is of me on the Silverstone starting grid for the 1991 British Grand Prix, with Alain Prost behind me, getting into his Ferrari.

John Jones on the grid at Silverstone 1991

p.s. – I think that Simon or Yasmin Lebon took the photo.

London Grand Prix Simulation

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“The Santander circuit, which has been created as a CGI video, takes in many of London’s famous landmarks including Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. The start/finish straight and the pits would be on the Mall.” – Autosport

Can you recognize the streets?

McLaren on Wilshire Boulevard

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They were still cleaning the windows but the doors were unlocked at the new McLaren showroom in Beverly Hills.

Kimi-Matias Räikkönen’s 2006 McLaren and my 914 in the background!

Ayrton Senna in Sao Paulo

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On a busy road in Morumbi, near the cemetery where he was buried, this portrait of Brazil’s fallen Grand Prix hero, Ayrton Senna, smiles at the passing traffic. “I am a Brasilian!”

Street art in Sao Paulo - Senna and John Jones

John Jones visiting Ayrton Senna's grave in Morumbi cemetery, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Short Ferrari movie

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video by r martinez – music is hope

January in Ferrari Land

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This is a really really nice Ferrari 599 GTB.


Last week I had a chance to drive it briefly on about 1 mile of very smooth and gently curving black top.

Bragging that i had been driven around Brands Hatch by Jackie Stewart caused my host to select “Race” mode on the steering wheel.

On my first try with the gear paddles, while changing to 2nd gear, I hit the window washers!

This car has unbelievable acceleration and braking! It felt like a rocket! I had to feather the throttle pedal and the brake pedal, they were ultra sensitive.

On my way back to the office I managed to give it a bit of a blast and accelerated up to 3rd gear before doing some very hard braking with a pounding heart!

I love the reverse button!


photo by richard martinez

And the feeling lasted for most of the rest of the day! Thanks for that!

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