Terry McDermott – new e.p. pre-order

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Terry McDermott

Terry, Island Styles, Todd Burman, and yours truly, have started recording Terry’s new E.P.!

Please click on the Pledge Music LINK and pre-order it, which will help us to fund the production, and the marketing. In return you will receive some cool free stuff!

Songs of 1994-1995 on youtube

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Just the music, which is all I have done!

These are my songwriting demos.

Songs of 1994-1995 is now on youtube, courtesy of cdbaby – who are supposed to pay me if you listen to it. Simple.

Songs of 1994-1995 – John Jones

Happy Birthday Steve Ferrone & Ken Basman!

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All the best wishes and love to my loyal friend, Steve Ferrone. Happy Birthday Steve!

John and Steve

John and Steve

My English/American big brother Stephen, has been a major part of my life since 1991, when we first met in London, during the drum recording session for Ordinary World. Since then, we have been friends and worked together for half of my life, including our years together at Drumroll studios in Burbank in the 00’s!


It is also my long time school friend and music partner Ken Basman’s birthday. Sending love to the Basman’s, and to all of Ken’s friends. Missing Ken very much!

John and Ken

John and Ken

Pussy Cats

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“John Lennon and Harry Nilsson having a fit in L.A., yes.”

And yet, beautiful music despite the drama!

Produced by John Lennon.

Sir Thomas Nordegg Interview

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Some inside information from my colleague and brother, about the cutting edge of guitar land!

Frank and Stevie

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Songs of 1994-1995 (new album)

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I’ve managed to let go of another bunch of song-writing demos;

Songs of 1994 – 1995 by john jones – on CDbaby


Recording in another Language

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Well, we’ve both been scolded for our “foreign language” versions of these two tracks.

Ring of Fire in Spanish by Johnny Cash

State of Mind (with new lyrics by I.&.R. Bastien) in French by john jones

Here is a nice article on other musicians who have crossed the divide – From David Bowie To Charli XCX, 10 Artists Who’ve Recorded Songs In Another Language

Harry Nilsson LIVE – Gotta Get Up

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Mrs. Robinson

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