Baby Driver – Simon & Garfunkel!

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Produced by Roy Halee and the duo!
Engineered by Halee!
“Halee discovered that the uniqueness of Simon & Garfunkel harmonies could only be achieved by recording both voices on the same microphone at the same time.”

Not to mention this gorgeous music! – with Larry Knechtel on piano…

McDonald and Giles

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I really love this album. It is my favorite!

This is what Fripp lost. McDonald and Giles!

McDonald & Giles (1971) – full album – This is the Shit!

All the Young Dudes

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Yes. Stage right, I was.

Dwyer & Jones track

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My buddy and groove-mate, Mark Dwyer, led the production of my song, Never Let Us Go, which was recorded in Hammerwood:

Never Let Us Go – John Jones – Songs of 1992

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