Coconut (1971)

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Harry Nilsson! My understanding of calling the “doctor in the morning,” would change forever!

Stuart Bliss – the movie

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Stuart Bliss, the movie, was written and directed by Neil Grieve, with cinematography by Jens Sturup.

I composed the music, with a lot of direction from Neil!

Here is a decent copy of Stuart Bliss the movie. From 1997!

Stuart Bliss – Full Movie by viewstercomedy

Terry McDermott E.P.

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Terry McDermott is on for our upcoming E.P.

TERRY MCDERMOTT at pledgemusic

The first single from the E.P. is Lost Again.
Last year, it reached number 1, on a UK internet chart!
Here is Don Richner’s Lyric Video for Lost Again.

Written By: T. McDermott, J. Jones, I. Styles
Produced and Mixed by John Jones
Terry McDermott – vocals
Island Styles – bass, guitar
B.J. Kerwin – drums
Simrin Phull – guitar
Peter Klett – solo guitar
John (JJ) Jones – keys, guitar
Recorded by J. Jones, R. Nelson, I. Styles, B.J. Kerwin, P. Klett
Mastering: Bruce Barielle
Lost Again ©2017 McDermott-Jones-Styles

Lost Again ©2016-2017 Terry McDermott, Island Styles, John Jones.

Some JJ Hits

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Starting with Rational Youth’s #1 Song; Bang On, from 1895, and finishing with the first “million downloaded song on the internet,” by Emily Richards in 2000, John Jones has produced, co-produced, engineered, programmed, mixed, performed, written, and or, made tea for, some very important people.

Rational Youth – Duran Duran – Alan Frew/Glass Tiger – John Jones – Emily Richards

Steve Ferrone Interview

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Man, this is a cool interview from NAMM 2015. Steve talks about his work.

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