Terry McDermott E.P.

August 21st, 2017 Comments Off on Terry McDermott E.P.

Terry McDermott is on pledgemusic.com for our upcoming E.P.

TERRY MCDERMOTT at pledgemusic

The first single from the E.P. is Lost Again.
Last year, it reached number 1, on a UK internet chart!
Here is Don Richner’s Lyric Video for Lost Again.

Written By: T. McDermott, J. Jones, I. Styles
Produced and Mixed by John Jones
Terry McDermott – vocals
Island Styles – bass, guitar
B.J. Kerwin – drums
Simrin Phull – guitar
Peter Klett – solo guitar
John (JJ) Jones – keys, guitar
Recorded by J. Jones, R. Nelson, I. Styles, B.J. Kerwin, P. Klett
Mastering: Bruce Barielle
Lost Again ©2017 McDermott-Jones-Styles

Lost Again ©2016-2017 Terry McDermott, Island Styles, John Jones.

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