Wrapped Around Your Finger – Dan Hill

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This was Mick Fleetwood’s favourite song, of mine!

While we were producing Dan Hill’s, Seduces Me, for Celine Dion, at the end of 1995, we recorded my song, Wrapped Around Your Finger, for Dan’s solo album; I’m Doing Fine.

We recorded the basics for the song, at my Treehouse studio, in the Dell, Hollywood. I played the keys, acoustic guitar, and bass, then we overdubbed Steve Ferrone’s drums at Record Plant with Steve Churchyard, and Michael Thompson’s guitars, at his Cocoa Butt Studio, in the Baldwin Hills.

Wrapped was top 10 on radio, before it, and the album, were pulled from distribution, after 8 weeks! Oh well…

To Sir Dee Long

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Dee Long at AIR Studios 1987 (©johnjonesmusic)

Dee Long at AIR Studios 1987 (©johnjonesmusic)

On the occasion of the celebration of the birthday of my long time friend and partner; a toast to Dee’s compassion, empathy, and genius!

Happy Birthday Sir Dee Long!

Dee Long and John Jones in Hammerwood 1989.

Dee Long and John Jones in Hammerwood 1989.


Birdland Basman

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Thinking of my dear friend Ken Basman tonight! Listening to some of the songs we played together as teenagers…

How about Birdland from Weather Report! Wow!

Doesn’t someone have a recording of us from the 70’s?

Ken Basman, 1958-2016

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I can’t believe we’ve lost Ken Basman! God has no mercy. The world is emptier tonight! Three cheers for the life of Ken!

Of all the people I have ever known in my own life, Ken was the first true pillar of humanity, of common sense, of fair play, a believer in social justice, and a lighthouse in the fog of teenage war! The apple does not fall far from the tree! He turned me on to as many books as he did to albums. We longed for a just world. We believed in love.

The son of Muni was a great great man from the beginning. We connected with music, style, and culture! I loved spending all day at the Basman home on Denino Ave., in Hogs Hollow, learning what cool was all about! The house was full of history, art, and philosophy, which were all as important as the sex and drugs and rock and roll that Ken and I were enjoying! And, who can ever look at a Cadillac Eldorado convertible, and not think of Muni? What an awesome man! Ken made Muni proud. I know he did! I was there!

Ken never took on anything without completing it, showing all of us what hard work, and what we musicians call wood-shedding, can do! Ken practiced and listened, and practiced, and listened, and became an equal best musician to anyone I have ever met, by the time he and I were 17.

And we played chess! Hours and hours of it, including chess by mail with Ken’s grandfather in Winnipeg! I remember having three games going, at one time, against a Basman! By high school at A.I.S.P., in Toronto, we were forced to invent Losers Chess, in order to save time for making music!

Over the years, Ken and I put together a bunch of bands. I don’t remember all the names, but orignally we were known as; F**k, The Baffin Island Boogie Band, Beyond Saturns Window, Beyond, Behind, and a few more!

We played music and life together, from junior high, through high school, performing original songs, some written by me, and some by Ken, and we did covers by Stevie Wonder, Weather Report, Alice Cooper, Joni Mitchell, Spirit, Chick Corea, Edgar Winter, Wes Montgomery, the Beatles, Miles Davis, and many others! I know you’re not going to like this, but, we thought Led Zeppelin were a teeny-bopper band! Go figure! My point is, we loved all great music! The word genre was poison to us!

Our many bands included friends and musicians; Daniel van Kranendonk, John Johnson, Dave Worth, Gary Boigon, Jim Honeywell, Bob Little, Cam Hawkins, Reggie Shoji, Gary Justice, and many more great musicians, who are still doing it!

Our last proper gig together was as the house-band at the original Massey family house, which became Julie Fine’s, Bombay Bicycle club, in Toronto. It’s now the Keg n Cleaver. I think Yousuf Karsh took some nice photos of us there. I have had one of them on my piano for many years! I’ll scan it soon! I hope Ken’s family have the originals, so we can all see these historical time slices properly?

Although it is true that there are more reasons for who I am than meets the eye, Ken was always my guardian angel, through some pretty brutal experiences. His ability to stay cool in outrageous situations was legendary! And having a friend who was so far ahead of me musically, and who respected my music, was the greatest gift a young music man can ever have!

I love you Ken Basman. From the bottom of my person! I will never forget you! Love is the answer!

In The Arms of Love – 1976

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I’m not certain, but I think that Terry Draper, Dee Long, Brian Bell, John Bojicic and John Jones (the choir) recorded this demo at Brentcliffe Rehearsal Studios in Don Mills in the late 1970’s.

In The Arms of Love, by John Jones.

Playing the Yamaha CP 80 and singing.

Marsden interview’s Cam Hawkins about FM

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David Marsden, say no more, interview’s my old pal Cam Hawkins, about his super group FM!

Just before he started FM, Cam and I had a very progressive pop/jazz/fusion group with uber guitarist Ken Basman and others, that didn’t get out of rehearsal… what a great band it was! (more ken)

Cam was one of my heroes growing up! His band with Ken Worth, Clear, was very special to me. I was lucky to have him sing background vocals and play bass, flute and cello, on my first multi-track recording; Second Stand – produced by Steve Vaughan at Toronto Sound Studio circa 1975.

Thanks for your support!

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Thank you for your support for my Mother!

John and Dorothy Jones, with the SOCAN #1 Award for So Blind.

Mrs Dorothy Jones has left the choir.

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OUR amazing Mum passed away in Ottawa, Canada today, due to complications from a recent hip operation and her long battle with Dementia. My brothers and sister and I were with her, at her bedside, holding her hand and stroking her brow.

All who knew Dorothy, knew that we had the best Mum ever! And now she can laugh again with our Dad, who has waited 30 years for her, and her dear sister Sylvia, and our sister Sara, and Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jack, and all of the many wonderful friends and family, who we have loved! Rest in Peace! God Bless, Mum!

Fairy Nuff (1940s) - Dorothy May Caldwell Jones (1931-2015)


Holding on to Alan Frew

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With a wink and a nod, no doubt to escape the winter storms in the East, Alan Frew paid a visit to sunny California.

Of course, it was also Grammy week, and Alan was here in Los Angeles connecting with Canadians and other aliens of extraordinary ability for a bit of musical mash.

It’s been more than 20 years since we recorded his fine solo album HOLD ON !

So we started writing a new song, which ain’t half bad…

As you know, Alan sings the newest track for the Meninos Do Morumbi and Friends album project. Stay tuned!

John Jones and Alan Frew; a Welshman and a Scot! - February 2015


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Best wishes of the season to all of my friends, family and associates! Cheers!

I was reminded of a time, far away, long ago…

A Christmas gift from Toronto Sound Studios to John Jones, from 1976.

Somewhere, lurking on the various pages of my site, are other Christmas messages – like this one from 2001 and another silly one from 2008 with your Christmas card and some lovely Coyote sounds from the Dell.