JJ & the Minstrels – Live (2000)

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This was a Live Internet Broadcast from netthistv.com‘s studio, recorded March 29, 2000, of John Jones and the Minstrels, performing songs from the album, One Moment in Time

On that rainy night in Burbank, the Minstrels were, Richard Martinez (djembe), Sean Halley (guitar, vocal), and Christoph Bull (accordion, vocal). Steve Ferrone was expected to play percussion, but couldn’t find a parking spot, and missed the show!

Richard, Sean, and myself, had played a couple of the songs at the Troubador, a few months earlier. For this show we were joined by Christoph.

Big Thanks to Kevin and Rob Carmony for the video!

Here are direct links to the songs, skipping my comedic banter:
0:26 – Be True
5:32 – Mad About You
10:26 – Lead Me Along (huh?)
16:06 – One Moment in Time
21:45 – State of Mind
26:46 – Dear John
All songs ©1992-2000 John Jones Music/Pepjon Music

Terry & Island at Kennedy Center

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Terry McDermott, star of Season 3’s The Voice and lead singer of Lotus Crush, performs with guitarist Island Styles. They will perform McDermott’s original songs along with some fan favorite covers from his time on The Voice.

Terry & Island – Live at Kennedy Center, July 4, 2017, dedicated to David Rosser.

Our latest #1 single in the U.K., Lost Again, is performed at 16:09, and a tribute to Dave Rosser at 36:10.

FUNN, the band, Live at McMaster University 1978

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FUNN the band1978

FUNN the band, circa 1978

Thanks to Terry Draper for sharing these live recordings from nearly 40 years ago!

Our band, FUNN, were recorded at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, circa 1978 (or April 1979?). Dee Long (guitar, keys, vocals) & Terry Draper (drums, vocals)… Freddy Coutts (lead vocal, percussion), Jon Bojicic (bass, vocals) and John Jones (keys, guitar, vocals), and some great sweetening by Terry!

This was the first totally relaxed band i ever played with! Awesome musicians! And Bless Freddy! All swing and no miss!

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