NEVER by John Jones

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Oh, how time flies!
Here is the second track from my black n white album from 2009. Thanks to Emily Richards for pushing me to finish and release this project. Many of us have mountains of songs that we never release for many reasons. This one I’m super proud of!
Steve Ferrone and John Jones rocking out, here and there!
The playlist plays a few more songs from the black n white album, if you like what you hear.

Burning the Ground – Duran Duran

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And when this plays, I think about the awesome fun we had doing it.
Dee Long sampled the parts at AIR Studios, Oxford Street.
We jammed them into this song, and Chris Potter mixed it, at Olympic Studio in Barnes.

Too Much Information! Duran Duran

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From the Duran Duran “Wedding album”. The first single. Warren magnificent! Steve Ferrone on drums! Produced by DD and JJ!

Cross Town Dee and John

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Produced, arranged and recorded, by John Jones
Instruments by J. Jones.
Backing vocals Meninos do Morumbi
Electric Guitars by Dee Long!
Recorded in Los Angeles and British Columbia, 2013.

Coconut (1971)

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Harry Nilsson! My understanding of calling the “doctor in the morning,” would change forever!

Stuart Bliss – the movie

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Stuart Bliss, the movie, was written and directed by Neil Grieve, with cinematography by Jens Sturup.

I composed the music, with a lot of direction from Neil!

Here is a decent copy of Stuart Bliss the movie. From 1997!

Stuart Bliss – Full Movie by viewstercomedy

Terry McDermott E.P.

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Terry McDermott is on for our upcoming E.P.

TERRY MCDERMOTT at pledgemusic

The first single from the E.P. is Lost Again.
Last year, it reached number 1, on a UK internet chart!
Here is Don Richner’s Lyric Video for Lost Again.

Written By: T. McDermott, J. Jones, I. Styles
Produced and Mixed by John Jones
Terry McDermott – vocals
Island Styles – bass, guitar
B.J. Kerwin – drums
Simrin Phull – guitar
Peter Klett – solo guitar
John (JJ) Jones – keys, guitar
Recorded by J. Jones, R. Nelson, I. Styles, B.J. Kerwin, P. Klett
Mastering: Bruce Barielle
Lost Again ©2017 McDermott-Jones-Styles

Lost Again ©2016-2017 Terry McDermott, Island Styles, John Jones.

Some JJ Hits

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Starting with Rational Youth’s #1 Song; Bang On, from 1895, and finishing with the first “million downloaded song on the internet,” by Emily Richards in 2000, John Jones has produced, co-produced, engineered, programmed, mixed, performed, written, and or, made tea for, some very important people.

Rational Youth – Duran Duran – Alan Frew/Glass Tiger – John Jones – Emily Richards

Steve Ferrone Interview

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Man, this is a cool interview from NAMM 2015. Steve talks about his work.

JJ & the Minstrels – Live (2000)

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This was a Live Internet Broadcast from‘s studio, recorded March 29, 2000, of John Jones and the Minstrels, performing songs from the album, One Moment in Time

On that rainy night in Burbank, the Minstrels were, Richard Martinez (djembe), Sean Halley (guitar, vocal), and Christoph Bull (accordion, vocal). Steve Ferrone was expected to play percussion, but couldn’t find a parking spot, and missed the show!

Richard, Sean, and myself, had played a couple of the songs at the Troubador, a few months earlier. For this show we were joined by Christoph.

Big Thanks to Kevin and Rob Carmony for the video!

Here are direct links to the songs, skipping my comedic banter:
0:26 – Be True
5:32 – Mad About You
10:26 – Lead Me Along (huh?)
16:06 – One Moment in Time
21:45 – State of Mind
26:46 – Dear John
All songs ©1992-2000 John Jones Music/Pepjon Music