Celine Dion Seduces Me

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Oh joy! Love is all you need!
The beautiful Dan Hill song, that we produced for Celine Dion; Seduces Me.

With Rick Hahn, Michael Thompson, Steve Ferrone, Jay Anderson, Steve Churchyard, Al Schmitt, Humberto Gatica, Dan Hill, John Jones, Celine Dion.

Sacrifice & Surrender

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The amazing Emily Richards, recorded one of my songs for her Valhalla album, that I produced some part of, at Drumroll Studios in Burbank.

For me, the song is about the sacrifice, that the rest of the world makes, to allow the Western world to live the high life!

Sacrifice features Emily on vocals and piano. Danny Halperin on drums. Yours truly on other things.

Here is a youtube link and a Spotify link to Sacrifice!

And the fantastic Emily song Surrender, with the incredible “one-take” drums and bass of Randy Cooke and Jon Button:

My songs in the Duran Duran Era

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Many of my solo songs were written during my tenure with Duran Duran. During the production of Duran Duran II (the wedding album), their musical influence on me was powerful.

From 1992 to 1993, I wrote, and recorded, over fifty songs, on my weekends off!

Last year (2016), I released many of the writing demos of these songs. They are now for sale, and for streaming.

Here are the Spotify links:

Songs of 1992, Volume 1
Songs of 1992, Volume 2
Songs of 1993, Volume 1
Songs of 1993, Volume 2

Alanis Morissette Lived Here!

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Yes, she did. It was my home, and the Treehouse studio. And just before her summer of 1994, we recorded Alan Frew’s, Hold on, and then after she left, we were doing this:

Alan Frew Band (John Jones, Anthony Vanderburgh, Chris Garcia, Richard Martinez) in rehearsal for House of Blues with Fleetwood Mac in January 1995.

Wrapped Around Your Finger – Dan Hill

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This was Mick Fleetwood’s favourite song, of mine!

While we were producing Dan Hill’s, Seduces Me, for Celine Dion, at the end of 1995, we recorded my song, Wrapped Around Your Finger, for Dan’s solo album; I’m Doing Fine.

We recorded the basics for the song, at my Treehouse studio, in the Dell, Hollywood. I played the keys, acoustic guitar, and bass, then we overdubbed Steve Ferrone’s drums at Record Plant with Steve Churchyard, and Michael Thompson’s guitars, at his Cocoa Butt Studio, in the Baldwin Hills.

Wrapped was top 10 on radio, before it, and the album, were pulled from distribution, after 8 weeks! Oh well…

Kathleen for Brad

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I love hearing that somebody likes a song of mine! Thanks Brad Stanfield!

This is live at my old JJ Song Salon on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, with Richard Martinez, Steve Postell, and Davinci, from February 2011…

Another Trip Around the Sun – 2016 Article Index

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Here is a list of all the my news articles from 2016:

• Happy 90th Birthday Sir George Martin!
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Under Milk Wood, 1988, Sir George Martin production at AIR Studios
Etat D’Esprit – John Jacques Jones – State of Mind with French lyrics
• MTV Un-plugged with Duran Duran – JJ on piano and vocals
• Ong So Hung – Davinci & Jones – yoga mantra song
Remembering Tohuku 3.11 – Fukushima Nuclear Distaster
Sir George Martin, 1926-2016
It Was A Very Good Year – Frank Sinatra & Gordon Jenkins in the studio
Songs from 1993, Vol. 1 –  John Jones solo album of demos
Songs of 1993, Vol. 2 – John Jones solo album of demos
• Making Music, Sir George Martin – JJ chapter on MIDI
Billie Rainbird and Simon Phillips – Songwriting
Steve Orchard in the hood – AIR Studios in Hollywood!
Nick Wood at Skip Saylor Studio – Mixing
Time of the Season – The Zombies
Warren Cuccurullo and Nick Wood in the studio!
Is there a human right to sustenance? Dr. Charles Jones speaks
• Here Comes The Sun – George Harrison
the rose vortex sessions – Warren Cuccurullo
Songs of 1992, Vol. 1 – John Jones solo album of demos
• Don’t Give Up! – Alex Ligertwood and Emily Richards for Music is Hope!
Stairway to Taurus – Led Zeppelin versus Spirit
Ken Basman, 1958-2016
• Meninos Do Morumbi & Friends for the Grammy’s
What Happened to Do Unto Others? – Cry – Godley and Cream
Birdland Basman – Songs I played with Ken Basman
New Album from Warren Cuccurullo – Rose Vortex
• Liberty – Duran Duran – 26th Anniversary
• My Antarctica (Duran Duran – Liberty)
My Jumping Jack in the Box (the movie) – music by Nick Rhodes & John Jones
Lay Lady Lay (Duran Duran) – One of my favourite productions
Ocean Way Focusrite and Rupert Neve – A little Neve history
• Lost Again – U.K. Release – Terry McDermott
Dear John (Lennon) – John Jones song to John Lennon
 Songs of 1992, vol. 2 – John Jones solo album of demos
Lost Again – #4 on U.K. chart! – Terry McDermott!
To Sir Dee Long – Happy Birthday!
• Sir George Martin APRS Luncheon in London
Duran Duran Get ASCAP Award
Pertinent Songs: Phoo and Getting Out – John Jones demos
Awesome Rocker – F’ing Awesome band version – john jones demo – Wind Vanes

• Greg Lake, 1947-2016
Bill Price, 1943-2016 – AIR Studios
Merry Happy Christmas from JJ Song Salon
Terry McDermott – Lost Again lyric video by Don Richner
Songs of 1992, Vol. 2 – John Jones solo album of demos
John F. Kennedy Assassination in Dallas film – JJ Travels
I Guess I’ll Have to do it while I’m here – Phils Ochs song
In My Heart George Michael inspired – John Jones song
2016 Index

In My Heart George Michael

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In My Heart was written and recorded by me in 1992. My musical inspiration for the song was George Michael.

Buy on iTunes, CD Baby, or…

I Guess I’ll Have to do it while I’m here

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Phil Ochs says it all.

John F. Kennedy Assassination in Dallas

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A little slide show, of my trip to Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, where President john F. Kennedy was assassinated, in November of 1963. I have always been deeply moved by the tragedy, and even more, by visiting the scene of the crime.

The music is mine, an instrumental version of Inside, from the black n white album…