FUNN, the band, Live at McMaster University 1978

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FUNN the band1978

FUNN the band, circa 1978

Thanks to Terry Draper for sharing these live recordings from nearly 40 years ago!

Our band, FUNN, were recorded at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, circa 1978 (or April 1979?). Dee Long (guitar, keys, vocals) & Terry Draper (drums, vocals)… Freddy Coutts (lead vocal, percussion), Jon Bojicic (bass, vocals) and John Jones (keys, guitar, vocals), and some great sweetening by Terry!

This was the first totally relaxed band i ever played with! Awesome musicians! And Bless Freddy! All swing and no miss!

Turning Me Inside Out (Griffith Park old zoo)

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I miss Neil and Jens! Awesome dudes! The video features Leeza Hoffman, and Steve Ferrone, like it should!

We filmed around the old zoo in Griffith Park, and in Neil’s driveway, with a “green” screen.

I love it!

I wish we had the original!

State of Mind – John Jones

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The State of Mind video was filmed in Toronto in June, 1997, and produced by my brother, the late Philip “Pip” Mellows, and his Players Film Company.
Neil Grieve did the final editing in Culver City.

I was filmed on the roof of the old Edge Hotel, playing a guitar I rented from Long & McQuade. The video was shot at various sites around downtown Toronto. During the editing, Neil added some snaps of Beverly Hills.

I wrote State of Mind in August 1992, during the destruction of Iraq. How can anybody live life in a war zone?

The demo was recorded in England in 1992, and in 1996 we overdubbed Richard, and Steve (recorded by Stuart), Michael (at his studio), and then Stuart mixed it at Music Grinder in Hollywood.

State of Mind, written by John Jones.
guitars keys and vocals by John Jones
drums by Steve Ferrone
percussion by Richard Martinez
slide guitar by Michael Thompson
Engineered and Mixed by Stuart Breed and John Jones.
Recorded in Hollywood California, at the treehouse in the Dell, and at the Record Plant. Mixed at the Music Grinder, Hollywood. Mastering by Stephen Marcussen

One Hand Clapping – Wings

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The 1974 Documentary of Paul McCartney’s Wings recording Live in EMI Studios, Abbey Road. Great band!

Karen Hendrix – Say You’ll Stay Forever (1983 song demo)

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The official Karen Hendrix, Mark Baker, John Jones, songwriting demo of “Say You’ll Stay“, from ESP Studios, Buttonville, 1983.

The machines and the humans. Fairlight CMI, etc. All vocals Karen. Mark on lead acoustic guitar. Performed, programmed, recorded and produced, by yours truly (John Jones).

Say You’ll Stay was a top ten song in 1985 for Priscilla Wright, in Canada, produced by the amazing and legendary¬†Jack Richardson!


John Jones Albums – Spotify Playlist

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Here is a Spotify playlist of my solo “artist” albums.

All songs written*, performed, arranged, recorded, mixed, and produced, by John Jones.
*except: 21st Century Schizoid Man & Hide Your Love Away.

All vocals and instruments* by John Jones.
*except: black n white (2009), Drums by Steve Ferrone + One Moment in Time (1998), Steve Ferrone drums. Richard Martinez percussion. Michael Thompson slide guitar. Walter Turbitt. Ken Roberts. Mixed by Stuart Breed.

And my five songwriting demo albums; Songs of 1992-1995, all vocals and instruments* by John Jones
* except “Someday”(Songs of 1993); Steve Ferrone drums, Richard Martinez, percussion, Mixed by Stuart Breed.

70 songs in reverse chronology on Spotify.

Terry McDermott – new e.p. pre-order

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Terry McDermott

Terry, Island Styles, Todd Burman, and yours truly, have started recording Terry’s new E.P.!

Please click on the Pledge Music LINK and pre-order it, which will help us to fund the production, and the marketing. In return you will receive some cool free stuff!

Happy Birthday Steve Ferrone & Ken Basman!

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All the best wishes and love to my loyal friend, Steve Ferrone. Happy Birthday Steve!

John and Steve

John and Steve

My English/American big brother Stephen, has been a major part of my life since 1991, when we first met in London, during the drum recording session for Ordinary World. Since then, we have been friends and worked together for half of my life, including our years together at Drumroll studios in Burbank in the 00’s!


It is also my long time school friend and music partner Ken Basman’s birthday. Sending love to the Basman’s, and to all of Ken’s friends. Missing Ken very much!

John and Ken

John and Ken

Pussy Cats

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“John Lennon and Harry Nilsson having a fit in L.A., yes.”

And yet, beautiful music despite the drama!

Produced by John Lennon.

Sir Thomas Nordegg Interview

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Some inside information from my colleague and brother, about the cutting edge of guitar land!