Fleetwood Mac – “Person of the Year” – Time

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Fleetwood Mac became the first group to be MusicCares “person of the year” for 2018. Congratulations!

The band performed at Radio City Music Hall last Friday night in New York.

I was fortunate to have worked with Fleetwood Mac in 1995 on their album Time, with Mick Fleetwood, John and Christine McVie, Dave Mason, Billy Burnette and Bekka Bramlett. There have also been other versions of FM over the decades. I wonder if they were invited to the MusicCares show?

Here is These Strange Times, the title track that I produced, engineered, performed and created in my Hollywood Hills studio with Mick Fleetwood, Ray Kennedy, Jimmy Hotz, and with help from Ken Allardyce at Ocean Way.

Jones, Kennedy, Fleetwood and Hotz in Ocean Way studio in 1995

2018 NAMM show

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Disneyland in 1956

The NAMM show starts today at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California.

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is a non-profit that was founded in 1901.

Anaheim was founded in 1857 by German immigrants as the Anaheim Colony. The heim (home) by the Santa Ana river. By 1870 the area had “scores of vineyards” and 47 wineries. A grape disease in the 1880s forced farmers to switch to orange growing, which lasted until the mid 1950s. Which is also when Disneyland opened.

Ninety years ago, in 1928, Disney released its first major film with fully synchronized sound; Steamboat Willie. Look how far we have come?

1928 Steamboat Willie on YouTube

The Hollywood Sign

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The news about putting another sign on Mount Lee, on the Valley side, made me think of my song from my 1994 album, One Moment in Time – The Hollywood Sign.

Written, performed and recorded by John Jones ©1995.

And then there is this live version from the MP3 show at the Troubador…

Richard Martinez, Sean Halley and John Jones performing The Hollywood Sign at the Troubador, West Hollywood, 1999.

Never Let Us Go – Jones & Dwyer

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This is my song, “Never Let Us Go”. It was re-mixed with my brother, guest artist and “Loop-Meister” Mark Dwyer, in 1992, in Hammerwood, East Sussex.
Mark and I created many of the loops that were used on Duran Duran’s Wedding album. I loved going to the club on Saturday night after an afternoon tweaking at the farm!

Jones & Dwyer – London 1993

All Recording and Instruments by J. Jones & M. Dwyer.
Produced by John Jones & Mark Dwyer.
Written by J. Jones ©1992 John Jones Music.

Drumroll Studios Construction 2003

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Sean Halley, Steve Ferrone & John Jones at Drumroll Studios in 2003

JJ News April 31, 2003 – My Times – Drumroll Control Room

Duran Duran-ish Jones Songs 1992-1995

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Songs I wrote and recorded, from the final weeks of Wedding album production, through Alan Frew’s Hold On (recorded in L.A.), and DD’s Thank You (Battersea, Antibes, Los Angeles), that take me back to those days when I was commuting between Hammerwood and Battersea. They are a warm reminder of how much Simon, Nick, John, Warren, Sterling, Spike, Stan, and others!, were a big influence on me, my music and my life.

Rock-ish Jones Songs playlist

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Assorted Rock Songs from One Moment in Time and black n white, both albums with Steve Ferrone on drums, and my home demos from the “Songs of” album series 1992-1995.

What Gives You This Hate?

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A song written from the perspective of a civilian caught in the bombings and wars that have inflicted our planet.

©1994-2018 JohnJonesMusic

On Her Own – Burgerheads

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A new release from the Burgerheads, my bandmates from Toronto and Buttonville. I played on a song or two of theirs, and together we were Gary O and Lisa Dalbello’s band at ESP Studios in the early ’80s.

“Recorded at Mytronics Studios, Scarborough, Ontario in 1989. Featuring Dave Kennedy – acoustic guitar, Dee Long – electric guitar & keyboards, Ken Wannamaker – bass guitar, Frank Watt – all vocals, drums, organ & percussion. Produced & Engineered by Frank Watt”

A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night – Harry Nilsson

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Harry Nilsson singing the classics in 1973 for the BBC. Arranged and Conducted by Gordon Jenkins.

A life changer to me at the time.