Pussy Cats

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“John Lennon and Harry Nilsson having a fit in L.A., yes.”

And yet, beautiful music despite the drama!

Produced by John Lennon.

Sir Thomas Nordegg Interview

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Some inside information from my colleague and brother, about the cutting edge of guitar land!

Frank and Stevie

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Songs of 1994-1995 (new album)

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I’ve managed to let go of another bunch of song-writing demos;

Songs of 1994 – 1995 by john jones – on CDbaby


Recording in another Language

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Well, we’ve both been scolded for our “foreign language” versions of these two tracks.

Ring of Fire in Spanish by Johnny Cash

State of Mind (with new lyrics by I.&.R. Bastien) in French by john jones

Here is a nice article on other musicians who have crossed the divide – From David Bowie To Charli XCX, 10 Artists Who’ve Recorded Songs In Another Language

Harry Nilsson LIVE – Gotta Get Up

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Mrs. Robinson

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Hold On – Alan Frew 1995

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What a great performance by Alan Frew and band of Hold On, performing at Canadian Music Week 1995

Alan Frew – lead vocal
Anthony Vanderburg – guitars
Sam Reid – keyboards
Rique Franks – backing vocals
Kojo Ferguson – bass, backing vocals
Mark Kelso – drums

Be True To Yourself

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In this time of uncertainty, Be true To Yourself!

Baby Driver – Simon & Garfunkel!

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Produced by Roy Halee and the duo!
Engineered by Halee!
“Halee discovered that the uniqueness of Simon & Garfunkel harmonies could only be achieved by recording both voices on the same microphone at the same time.”

Not to mention this gorgeous music! – with Larry Knechtel on piano…